The Fast Fingers contest series was founded by fingerboard pioneer and Blackriver founder Martin Ehrenberger in 2000. Back then the contest had only 16 participants and fingerboarding was not popular at all. By now Fast Fingers is internationally recognized by a broader audience and fingerboarder from all around the world travel to this event. Fast Fingers is popular for being THE fingerboard event of the year. Fingerboarding on its highest level is represented by the best riders. Due to an increasing international number of riders the contest became the Fingerboard Worldchampionship in 2008. The 1st fingerboard world champion was Elias Assmuth from Steyr/Austria. Petr Ptacek (CZ) won the last title in 2015 for the third time.

The following fingerboarders have been world champions:

1. 2008: Elias Assmuth (AT)
2. 2009: Timo Kranz (D)
3. 2010: Dimitri Schlotthauer (D)
4. 2011: Markus Schmidinger (AT)
5. 2012: Valentin Leiber (D)
6. 2013: Petr Ptacek (CZ)
7. 2014: Petr Ptacek (CZ)
8. 2015: Petr Ptacek (CZ)
9. 2016: Tommasu Busoni (IT)