Your clip will need to be:

  1. Four tricks with at least one grind/slide. This can be tricks or combos. No time limit.
  2. Filmed entirely outside. Use natural or urban features. The use of one fingerboard rail or box is allowed but none is preferred.
  3. Filmed landscape. You could be featured on the livestream night!
  4. Raw and unedited footage. No slomo, no cuts, no effects, no music…
  5. Posted on your Instagram account with the hashtags #fastfingers, #fastfingersonline and the tag @blackriver_official, between 24th April and 8th May at 12:00 CET
  6. Bonus points for high quality filming. Pay attention to your angles, light and overall technique.
  7. Minimum FullHD 1080p, 60 FPS, 16:9
  8. Keep your original clip, if you make it to the finals we need to edit it for the livestream night!

IMPORTANT: Please note only public Instagram accounts will be considered in the competition. Private accounts will not be considered. Entries not meeting the requirements mentioned above will not be considered.