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The event will take place in Schwarzenbach/Saale (zip code 95126), not in Schwarzenbach/Wald, which is only 30 minutes away from here. Please also let your parents or your driver know!!

You can travel here by car, by bus, by train, or by plane.


Bus line: 6341 (direction Schwarzenbach/Saale)
bus stop: Commerzbank Schwarzenbach/Saale

The bus stops at the Central Station Hof or at the Bus Terminal Hof.
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Central Station  Schwarzenbach/Saale
ca. 5 walking minutes away from the Contest Area

You will find signs at the central station on how to get to the contest area.
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international flights: airport Frankfurt/Main (FRA) or airport Munich(MUC)
optional: airport Hof-Plauen

The airport Hof-Plauen can only be reached from the international airport Frankfurt/Main (FRA). So maybe this is an option if you have an international flight or if you are from the Frankfurt area. The flights are pretty expensive, but maybe you can grab a bargain 😉
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Kirchenlamitzer Str. 20
95126 Schwarzenbach / Saale