Visitor Tickets

Dear Fingerboard Community,

Rising costs and a lack of sponsors for this Fast Fingers have prompted us to introduce an entry fee for the first time this year. Tickets are available only on site.

Due to our 25th anniversary and the long break caused by the pandemic, we want to organize a special event for you.

We hope this is in your interest and that you can enjoy the event to the full.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Blackriver Team

Full payer 10 €  

Reduced (pupils, students, pensioners, recipients of citizens’ benefits, people with disabilities) €6 – Corresponding proof must be presented on site  

Families (child + parent) 12 €
Families (child + 2 parents) 18 €
Families (2 children + 1 parent) 18 €
Families (2 children + 2 parents) 24 €
Child = under 13