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Special Note

1. Promotion

FastFingers is organized and funded by Blackriver. We put a lot of work and effort in Fast Fingers to keep this unique event going, please respect this. Don’t use Fast Fingers as a sales and promotion platform, because we mostly fund the event by our food and sales booths.

Respect our work! Help to keep Fast Fingers alive!

2. Stickers

No stickers may be affixed to the entire Winterling area. This applies in particular, but not exclusively, to the parks provided by Blackriver. The companies/crews responsible for the distribution of stickers will also be held responsible.
Be fair here too. We are only tenants in the area and must pay for any damage at the end of the event.

3. Private event

Fast Fingers is a private event. Therefore the host can bar everyone from the event area, who severely breaks the rules.

4. Underage persons

1) Contest party

You are not allowed to visit the party if you are under 16 years unless you are accompanied by your parents or someone who is of full age (18 years) and has a written authorization for child custody from the parents.

Teens older than 16 years are allowed to visit the event until 12 pm unless they are accompanied by their parents or someone who is of full age (18 years) and has a written authorization for child custody from the parents.

2) other events during the Worldchampionship Fast Fingers 20

For all underage persons, who want to skate the Blackriver Bowl or want to stay overnight it is recommended to have a written allowance of their parents in order to avoid any possible trouble.

The best solution is an accompanying person of full age who has a written authorization for child custody from the parents.

All general German laws for the protection of the youth are valid.

5. Use of the skate area

All underage persons must have a letter of agreement signed by their parents in order to use the Blackriver Bowl. The parents must declare that they renounce any claims for damages.

All full age persons must be aware that they use the skate area on their own risk.


Tourism page of Schwarzenbach:

Overview Map Airbnb (click)

Camping on request:

Cities & villages nearby:ünfte/

A further possibility for 1-3 persons is the following apartment in Oberkotzau (ca. 5 km):
Maria u. Wolfgang Weber
Konradsreuther Str. 21
95145 Oberkotzau
Tel: +49-(0)9281-1800

Family Hanisch offers an apartment as well:
Friedrichstr. 5
95126 Schwarzenbach
phone: +49-(0)9284-7369
cell: +49-(0)176-37400977

Silvia J.B. Bartl offers an apartment in Marktleuthen:


The event will take place in Schwarzenbach/Saale (zip code 95126), not in Schwarzenbach/Wald, which is only 30 minutes away from here. Please also let your parents or your driver know!!

You can travel here by car, by bus, by train, or by plane.


Flixbus to Hof central station (from Berlin, Munich, Vienna etc.)

Local bus line: 6341 (direction Schwarzenbach/Saale)
bus stop: Commerzbank Schwarzenbach/Saale

The local bus stops at the Central Station in Hof or at the Bus Terminal in Hof.
Here you find more information:


Central Station  Schwarzenbach/Saale
ca. 5 walking minutes away from the Contest Area

You will find signs at the central station on how to get to the contest area.
Here you find more information:


International flights: airport Frankfurt/Main (FRA) or airport Munich(MUC)

European flights: Nuremberg (NUE) or Leipzig (LEJ)


Blackriver GmbH
Kirchenlamitzer Str. 20
95126 Schwarzenbach / Saale