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Results 2022 – Fast Fingers Online

You can re-watch the final including all 30 clips here:

Full Score Table

31Vladimir Vakulichev 79,00
31Rory Campbell 79,00
32Jonas Hasselmann 78,33
33John andrew campos 78,00
34Takumi Herkner 77,67
35Tom Pimishofer 77,00
35Robin Büch,00
37Mateo Timpanaro 76,67
38Marco Kammler 76,00
38Florian Kitzmüller 76,00
40Tobias Phieler 75,67
40William Angel Martínez 75,67
42Luis Ricardo Marquez Garcia 75,33
42Carlos Manuel Pérez Gómez 75,33
44Elliott Block,00
44Celester Hipolito 75,00
44Ivand Pahlevie 75,00
44Fabian Kronsteiner 75,00
48Morrow Bernard 74,33
48Efren Duarte  74,33
48Patrick Romero 74,33
51Roberto Gómez,00
52Mikko Mäkelä 73,67
53hongyu_chuai 73,33
54Lucas Zwezik 73,00
55Geraldine Stack 72,67
56Martin Diercks 72,00
57Kilian Brühl,67
57Jose Agustín Escobar Arreola 71,67
57Francisco Tarazon garcia,67
57Diego Carranza,67
61Mariano Cuenca,33
62David Siegert,67
62Leevi Aroviita,67
62Alejandro Valiente Fernández,67
62Armando Mondragon  70,67
66Fabian Patzak 70,00
67Paulo Guebara 69,67
68Valentin Horn 69,33
68Keane McGrath  69,33
68Tony Ponomarencko,33
68Alvin Zhang 69,33
68Edgardo Alexis urrea pedreros 69,33
68Matias Soto 69,33
74Tristan Josh Trinidad 69,00
74Jakub Galuszka 69,00
74Brandon Schurman,00
74José Enriquez 69,00
78Jannick Merz 68,33
78David Prahl 68,33
80Sébastien Olivan 68,00
81Jacopo Marchetto 67,67
81Edgar Vargas 67,67
83Ben Beebe 67,00
84Geno N. Bermundo 66,67
84Jordan Yaeger 66,67
84Xi Jin 66,67
87Lukas Vorechovsky 66,00
87Marcel Tiggemann 66,00
89Alex Kondrashoff,67
90John Chafin 65,33
90takashi okubo 65,33
92Jordan Franke 65,00
92Afonso Laranjeira 65,00
94Alberto Giaccari 64,33
94Natália Marques 64,33
94Michal Geborys 64,33
97Alexander Ivenitski 64,00
97Kaloyan Mutafchiyski,00
97Raul Jörgensen,00
100Yolan louage 63,33
100Emil Berg 63,33
102Jona Vanden Betghe 62,67
102Joé Leclercq 62,67
102Javier alarcon 62,33
105Jorin Swinkels 61,67
105Ryan Nelson 61,67
105Casey Leonard 61,67
108Igor Hajda 61,00
108Wesley Conceição Bezerra Rosa 61,00
110Tom Pimishofer 60,00
110Parkphin Srimahachota 60,00
110Ladislav Kadlec 60,00
110Andrzej Sobczyński 60,00
114Mateusz Początek,00
115Luis Velez,33
115Valentina Correa 58,33
115Samuel Lavoie 58,33
115Davide Giuliana 58,33
119Jona Kleweken 56,67
120Kevin Freneat,33
121Theo Carroll 55,00
121Pauline Demeur 55,00
123Kirill Isaev 53,67
124Arthur Micael Rodrigues da Silva 53,33
124Alex Pickering 53,33
124Romeo Jin 53,33
127Jordan Escolas-Ricca 51,67
127Brighton Bowles,67
127Sebastian McQue 51,67
130Francisco Daniel Troncoso Ramirez 51,00
131Demeur Pauline 50,00
132Jason Forinash 41,67
133Luca Cabrer 41,00
134Jimmy Frother 30,00
135Sninelev Artem 25,00
136Alexander Wunderlich 0,00

Fast Fingers 21

We’re back again! You’ve been waiting five years, now the time has finally come. For the 11th time, the Fingerboard World Championship will take place here in Upper Franconia. The legendary Fast Fingers Contest is back after its brief excursion into the digital world. Now it’s time to get to know new fingerboarders and meet up with old friends. The biggest fingerboard event in the world offers plenty of space, countless fingerboard parks and, of course, a session that is second to none.

So come to Kirchenlamitzer Straße 20 in 95126 Schwarzenbach an der Saale on June 8, 2024 and celebrate fingerboarding with us. Speaking of parties: we at Blackriver are celebrating our 25th company anniversary this year and have some anniversary surprises for you. So sign up, check out the info or buy your tickets. Get ready for the (fingerboard) trip of the year and we’ll see you in June.